Become a Supplier

Your product deserves our full attention
If you have a great product, we want to hear from you and if we think it’s great, you can trust we’ll work hard to make sure your product takes pride of place on store shelves across Australia – and then in the hands of consumers, like us.

When you choose us as your distributor, you’ll experience more than an occasional phone call, a handshake and an email. We may have got rid of the suits, but we’ve kept our exacting professional standards.

Our motivation is helping you to sell. And because we’re a dedicated, energetic team, we give your product the full attention it deserves. We’re experts at getting your products into the right places at the right time, so they sell fast.
At OzAnimart, we deliberately keep our product catalogue slim. We’re not interested in distributing every weird and wonderful product out there. Instead we focus on those products we know game and hobby enthusiasts will love. And it means we can give your product all the special attention it deserves.
We build outstanding relationships with our product suppliers (we hope you’ll be next). You can be sure business with us will be smooth, efficient and mutually beneficial.
Why working with us is a smart decision:
Distribution network – We get your product onto the store shelves that matter. We have distributed goods to over 250 stores across Australia and oNew Zeland markets. So we know what we’re doing.
Digital marketing expertise – We’re a truly modern company, adept at online marketing and using social media tools to drive sales and build brands.
Strong retailer relationships – You’re best served when we spend time, money and effort building rock solid relationships with the store owners, who ultimately sell your products to the end users. Just like we build great relationships with you, the supplier, so we do with retailers across Australia.
Efficient operation – While we love to play and be a part of the gaming communities, we make sure business is taken care of first. That means responsive communications, effective stock management, strong financial controls and meticulous attention to detail.
A business you can rely on
We may be in the business of fun and games, but that’s not how we run our company. We take our business responsibilities seriously.
Financial responsibility – We’ve been operating for over 10 years and will be here long into the future because we’re financial astute and prudent. That means we easily weather economic storms and continually grow as a company.
We keep promises – As you know, in business that matters. With OzAnimart you can always be sure we will do what we say we will.
We’re efficient – From fast shipping to effective stock management procedures, to highly responsive communication, whenever you deal with OzAnimart you can expect professionalism and competence at all times.
So if your company is a distributor of an official hobby and collectible merchandise, gifts and souvenir products then we can help you.
Please call us today on +61 (03) 9640 0351 or email