At OzAnimart we’re pop culture enthusiasts. We’re here for one very simple reason: to connect great game, gift and hobby suppliers with great retailers.

Based in Melbourne and founded nearly a decade ago, we distribute games, trading cards, anime and gifts to over 250 stores in Australia and New Zealand. We also operate our own retail card shop in Melbourne.

We’re not stuffy and corporate. We think life can be dull enough without adding to the problem. So our goal is to bring colour, life and fun to an otherwise boring world.


Here is a selection of our high performing products, sold in stores across Australia.

  1. Cardfight!! Vanguard – A two-player competitive card game that will have gamers up all night
  2. Weiss Schwarz – Deal damage to your opponent in another popular competitive two-player card game
  3. Force of Will – A strategic trading card game filled with magic and adventure
  4. Health & Mana Energy Potion – A vital energy boosting drink for the hardworking gamer
  5. Blood Energy Potion – A unique vampire themed energy boosting drink
  6. Krosmaster Arena – Multiplayer card based board game using 3D anime style miniatures
  7. KMC Sleeves - Best card barriers, favoured by professional trading card tournament players accross the world.
  8. Ki-Gu-Mi - Japanese 3D wooden puzzle that are fun and simple to construct.
  9. Ultimate Guard - Leather case deck case to protect trading cards from damage.
  10. Gundam Duel Company - Innovative online trading card game for Gundam Fans.


We may be in the business of fun and games, but that’s not how we run our company. We take our business responsibilities seriously.

Financial responsibility – We’ve been operating for nearly 10 years and will be here long into the future because we’re financially astute and prudent. That means we easily weather economic storms and continually grow as a company.

We keep promises – As you know, in business that matters. With OzAnimart you can always be sure we will do what we say we will.

We’re efficient – From fast shipping, to effective stock management procedures, to highly responsive communication, whenever you deal with OzAnimart you can expect professionalism and competence at all times.