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Date Posted:3 April 2017

Future Card Buddyfight

OUT NOW - Climax Booster D-CBT [Dragon Fighters]
21 April 2017- Starter Deck X-SD01 [Demon Lord Dragon of Tempest]
21 April 2017- Starter Deck X-SD02 [Dragon Fielders]
21 April 2017- Booster Box X-BT01 [The Dark Lord's Rebirth]
16 June 2017- Booster Box X-BT01A [Crossing Generations]

Cardfight!! Vanguard

OUT NOW - Trial Deck VGE-G-TD11 [Divine Knight of Heavenly Decree]
OUT NOW - Trial Deck VGE-G-TD12 [Flower Princess of Abundant Blooming]
OUT NOW - Character Booster VGE-G-CHB01 [TRY 3 NEXT]
OUT NOW - Character Booster VGE-G-CHB02 [We are! Trinity Dragon!!]
14 April 2017- Booster Box VGE-G-BT10 [Raging Clash of the Blade Fangs]
12 May 2017- Character Booster
VGE-G-CHB03 [Rummy Labyrinth Under the Moonlight]
26 May 2017- Legend Deck VGE-G-LD03 [The Blaster "Aichi Sendou"]
9 June 2017- Fighter's Collection VGE-G-FC04 [Fighter's Collection 2017]

Cardfight!! Vanguard Japanese

7 April 2017- Japanese Legend Deck VG-G-LD03 [The Blaster "Aichi Sendou"]
12 May 2017- Japanese Fighter's Collection VG-G-FC04 [Fighter's Collection 2017]
9 June 2017 - Japanese Trial Deck VG-G-TD13 [Jyagannoshihaisya]
9 June 2017- Japanese Booster Box VG-G-BT11 [Kijinkourin]

Weiss Schwarz

OUT NOW - Trial Deck+ [BanG Dream!]
OUT NOW - Trial Deck [Love Live! Sunshine!!]
OUT NOW - Booster Box [Love Live! Sunshine!!]
28 April 2017- Booster [Sword Art Online Re:Edit]
19 May 2017- Trial Deck [Accel World]
19 May 2017- Booster [Accel World]
19 May 2017- Booster [KanColle: Deep Sea Fleet Sighted]

Weiss Schwarz Japanese

7 April 2017- Japanese Booster [Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!]
28 April 2017- Japanese Booster [Chain Chronicle]
10 June 2017 - Japanese Extra Booster Box
[Love Live! Sunshine!!]
23 June 2017 - Japanese Booster Box [ViVid Strike!]

Luck & Logic

OUT NOW - Trial Deck TD04 [Cyber Logic]
OUT NOW - Booster Box BT05 [Trance Re:Union]

Dragoborne - Rise to Supremacy

4 August - Trial Deck DB-TD01 [Shadow Legion]
4 August - Trial Deck DB-TD02 [Mystical Hunter]
4 August - Trial Deck DB-TD03 [Alpha Dominance]
17 August - Booster DB-BT01 [Rally to War]

Force of Will

OUT NOW - Lapis Cluster Starter Decks (Light, Fire, Water, Wind, Darkness)
OUT NOW - Booster Box Lapis Cluster 3rd Set: [Return of the Dragon Emperor]
23 June 2017 - Booster Box Lapis Cluster 4th Set: [Echoes of the New World]

Updated: 3 April 2017